Cape Elizabeth’ EP Out Now

Cape Elizabeth was recorded over one week at my friend Phin Choukas’ home studio in Vermont exactly one week after I evacuated New York City due to the Coronavirus. Returning to my parent’s farm home in a town of 1100 people from a three-bedroom apartment in a city 8.3 million felt like I was returning to some part of me I had left behind, a reunion with that obnoxious, ambitious, and totally terrified teenager with some folk songs and an acoustic guitar who first took off for Showbusiness™ in 2015. Throughout this crisis, I’ve spoken to friends who say they feel similarly, like they’re back in high school again, back with their old selves. Long grown and emancipated siblings inhabit their old rooms and settle back into long forgotten routines, family dogs think “what the fuck are you doing here? I don’t see a christmas tree.” We become who we were, for better or for worse. I wanted to do justice to this experience, and create something that felt like who I used to be: a kid at his friends home studio with an acoustic guitar and a story. Free from the shackles of constant analysis and crippling self criticism, unburdened by the never-ending comparison to those around me, I recorded some raw acoustic tunes about worry and departure. I gave myself a one week deadline, and got to work. Hope you enjoy.